3 types of roof repair and their causes

damaged roof tiles canberra

Noticed a problem with your roof? Whether it’s started leaking or your gutter is no longer working as it should be, you need the professionals at R&D Roofing and Construction to look at your roofing in Canberra and assess the issue. Here are a few common roof-related problems and some possible causes for them.


  1. Leaks

There are several reasons why your roof could have developed a leak. Storm damage may be the culprit, as severe winds can rip away roof tiles while heavy rain can penetrate any weak points in the roof or ridge capping. Flashing may need replacing, roof vents could have cracked or the roof itself may simply be too old.


Either way, a leak in your roof can have a devastating effect on your property, causing damage not only to your roof space but also to your walls and electrics. Mould may also begin to grow around your home, which when untreated can be detrimental to your health. Therefore it’s essential for leaking roof repairs and ridge capping repairs to be carried out as soon as you spot any issues.


  1. Solar panel problems

Although solar panels are generally built to be robust, they aren’t immune to damage. A heavy storm could cause tree branches or rocks to hit the solar panels and crack them, while animals can nest under them and damage wiring. Years of exposure to the elements may simply mean that some solar panel cleaning is in order, to get your panels working efficiently once more.


  1. Gutter issues

A problem with your roof guttering will prevent it from carrying excess rain water away from your property, thereby reducing its protection against water damage. Gutters can develop cracks or holes over time or may start to pull away from walls. A build-up of debris can also block water flow so gutter cleaning may be required.


No matter what type of roof repair you need, R&D Roofing and Construction Canberra will be able to provide a solution. We work all around Canberra and the surrounding region, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.