Why Cleaning of Roof Solar Panels is Essential?

Solar roof panels are an effective method of reducing electricity costs. They allow you to utilize sunlight to meet your daily energy requirements. As the temperature increases, a significant increase is noticed in regular electricity consumption. You can opt for a solar roof if you want to minimize your net electricity bill.

Installation of solar roofs is beneficial for homeowners as well as business enterprises. As per the tax regulations in certain states, you can claim income tax credit when you file your taxes. Furthermore, resale value of your house will significantly increase if solar panels are installed.

Improved Performance:

Although many people know the benefits of solar panels, it is a lesser known fact that these panels also need regular cleaning. As debris gradually accumulates on the surface, it affects the performance of solar panels and they may not be able to perform to their maximum capacity. Consequently, they are unable to meet the energy requirements of your home. It is a recommended practice to acquire professional services that specialize in solar panel cleaning.

Solar panels are based on advanced technology that enables them to work even when dirt accumulates on the surface. However, you can make the most of their energy capacity only by keeping them sparkling clean.

Extended Lifespan:

Solar roof panels have an average life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. A majority of contractors offer a warranty of around 20 years. They may still continue working even after their 20-year lifespan. However, their energy capacity significantly decreases.

In order to ensure that they stay in optimal condition, regular cleaning is extremely important. Moreover, it can also increase the lifespan of solar panels and you can continue using the system for even longer than 30 years.

Better Appearance:

Dirty solar panels negatively impact the outlook of your house. They affect the exterior of your house. You can earrange a monthly contract with professional cleaners or hire their services as and when needed. Regular cleaning of solar panels ensures that they can continue meeting your energy needs and enhance the appearance of your house.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Service?

When it comes to cleaning solar roof panels in, many people prefer to do it on their own. However, it isn’t a good idea, since solar panels are prone to getting damaged due to inefficient handling and it’s dangerous if you are not skilled in working on a rooftop. Moreover, professionals have modern equipment to get rid of accumulated dirt from solar panels efficiently and in a short time. They use de-ionized water systems to clean solar panels.

De-ionized water proves to be more effective in cleaning dirt and other harmful elements from roof panels. The system is quite expensive due to which, a majority of homeowners refrain from purchasing it. However, professional cleaners are well-equipped and can clean solar panels more efficiently in no time.

R&D Roofing and Construction in Canberra offers top quality services for efficient cleaning of roof solar panels. The experienced professionals can also examine the installed panels to ensure that they are in optimal condition. Contact them today for solar panel cleaning and maintenance.